About Us
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About Us


Founded with the aim of providing quality support and assistance to foreign investors when opening and running a business in the Republic of Croatia. We provide high-quality and professional support from the very foundation of the company, striving to relieve all our clients of frustration and difficulties when encountering bureaucratic obstacles, providing them with quality advice so that their business initiative ands with success.

The success of our clients is also our success.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Our company exists to help all our clients and provide them with top-notch support, to give them answers and solutions to all their business questions and problems.


We want to become the leading one-stop-shop private company in the Republic of Croatia. We want our clients to know us for our integrity, competences and high level of professionalism, which makes their business simpler and more successful.


Clients want top service and top results. This obliges us. Because of them, we have to be excellent, transparent, ethical, focused and available. By consistently implementing these principles and high professional and human standards in everyday life and business, we will ensure long-term viability and benefit for everyone.